A request to our community: pledge your support to Caffe Vivaldi

Last Monday, June 13th, Caffe Vivaldi launched our second petition on moveon.org. It comes at a time when we are facing a pending court date with our landlord this summer at the Supreme Court of New York State. When we reach a critical mass of signatures, we will be sending this petition along to Mayor DeBlasio and Councilman Corey Johnson, who represents our district (the sixth district of New York) in the New York City Council. With our gratitude for being part of our community, we invite you to add your name to the chorus of voices who are supporting and standing with us.

Ishrat Ansari
Second Anniversary of Classical Sundays in Caffe Vivaldi!

Classical for All celebrates its second year in West Village’s Caffe Vivaldi; best known from the movies of Woody Allen and Al Pacino. For the last two years New Yorkers have had the privilege of enjoying classical music concerts in a casual, and intimate atmosphere for only a suggested donation.

Ege Maltepe
New Yorkers LOVE Chopin!

On Sunday February 22nd, New Yorkers filled the beautiful Renee Weiler Concert Hall in the historic Greenwich House Music building to celebrate composer Frederic Chopin's 205th birthday.

From the Staff
Brazilian Music Series on Tuesdays at Caffe Vivaldi

It is with a lot of joy that I present the Brazilian Music Series at Caffe Vivaldi every other Tuesday. My vision is to create a home for both traditional and experimental Brazilian music as presented by the finest Brazilian musicians in NYC.

Irene Walsh