Valentine's Day at Vivaldi

On Valentine’s Day, Caffe Vivaldi started live video streaming from The special live music program featured NLX and Kristin Hoffmann. Both the singers and songwriters started their New York debut at Caffe Vivaldi some years ago.

Listening to these highly gifted musicians, the question that comes up repeatedly is: Why hugely talented artists such as Kristin Hoffmann - in my books, one of the top musician in the US - do not have the fame and fortune that they deserve? I ask the same question about NLX, Jason Darling, Sasha Dobson and literally dozens of other top notch young musicians who have a hard time meeting their financial needs.

I think one of the reasons is that most artists are not business men or women. If they do not find a real professional manager, it becomes hard for them to reach millions, on their own, who desreve the opportunity to hear their music and become fans.

Would modern technology come to their rescue? Perhaps.

With live video streaming, the song writers and singers get a chance to be heard worldwide. It might turn out to be a great opportunity equalizer for most of them. We, at Caffe Vivaldi, certainly hope so.

We will also be streaming live our Monday Open Mic Nights, which showcases every week the essence of what Caffe Vivaldi is all about.  In the words of one of our regulars, "Caffe Vivaldi could be so many things at once: small, intimate, loud, a bar, a restaurant, a cafe , a place where artists collaborate, converge and showcase their not just one or two talents."

I think if  Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez or John Fogerty (CCR), ever came to Caffe Vivaldi, they would immediately recognize that the elusive sense of social harmony at Woodstock (8/15-18, ’69) has, at last, found a permanent home at Caffe Vivaldi, most noticeably on Mondays. Now the Internet is making it possible for us to share it with the rest of the world starting today on Valentine’s Day

-Sullivan de Fore.

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