Jones Street Music & Wine Festival @ Caffe Vivaldi (6/7/2012)

Jones Street Music and Wine Festival (Thursday, June 7, 2012) was the brainchild of Joel Zighel, singer/songwriter/pianist and the owner of Jones Street Wine, who curated the evening’s music program. The show delivered more than it had promised. The idea was to do things the old-fashoned way -- invite people from the neighborhood and have a party: wine tasting, followed by live music performances, food and drinks. For some people from the neighborhood, stepping inside the venue was their first experience of the colloborative culture on which Caffe Vivaldi thrives. Almost all of the musicians who performed had their roots in Caffe Vivaldi’s Open Mic Night and its regular artists’ roster. The emcee of the show was the idiosyncratic quintessentail Village figure, Joel Cohen, fondly known as The Sticker Dude. The way he ran the proceedings in a professional but genteel and friendly manner added to the success of a memorable evening.


Partial list of the performers:

Joel Zighel - Curator

Sticker Dude - Emcee

Ace Elijah

Adam Bonahan

Amy Vachal

Bianca Merkley

Jamie Bendel

Jeremy Nash

Jon D’Angelo

Josh Taylor

Matt Succich

Sarah Chesler

Tim Nugent

Tod Kramer


Stephen Stavola