Satsang meet-up @ Caffe Vivaldi, Sat. 6/23, 5-7pm

Aarthi Be. is a lawyer, singer, yogi, and friend of Caffe Vivaldi

In our busy city, packed with achievers, so much of how we interact with people is goal-oriented and proceeds from a closed position. Communities are already defined, and gatherings almost always have a purpose. My friends Lydiah and Ochoro put me up to hosting a monthly salon, which kicked off as a satsang (literally, "truth gathering" in Sanskrit) - borrowing from both the continental and subcontinental traditions of gatherings proceeding from an open position. The response to the first invitation was overwhelming. More people wanted to attend than could fit. So I asked Ishrat of Caffe Vivaldi if he would be interested in giving satsangs a trial run. Caffe Vivaldi still puts first the seeding and maintaining of an open, creative community. Brought together by a warm host, strangers become acquaintances and acquaintances become collaborators. It's a perfect, soulful spot for a motley, honest lot.

- Aarthi Be.

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