Chung Wong’s Incredible Feat

Chung's iPhone app and website, Jump2Spot, made history and it all started at Caffe Vivaldi. We've now surpassed 2 million words - which is almost double the world's longest book.

The plot is quite thick now: 34,700 visuals (and maps) with  2 million words about 16800+ profiles. This is a blog post about how it all happened:

Almost every notable painter, writer, film-maker, actor and musician in New York has been included. It's larger now than the very first digital encyclopedia. I particular liked showing where album covers were photographed, lyrics/books were written and movie/tv/video scenes were shot.

Lately I got nostalgic and posted things like  the first thing Kate Sland wrote down for me when she was Kate Pivoriunas:

I could even time stamp it  February 10, 2007, 11:58pm! I was fortunate all my cell phone pics had time stamps all these years.

We might have a friend join our advisory board. He works at New York Times and has been exhibited at MoMa for his internet work! Wouldn't it be cool if this were at MoMa one day.

Caffe Vivaldi is at the roots of this project.  The curation style of Ishrat influenced me - all the stories...I sometimes wish Ishrat's bookstore was still around! Such a hub for New York culture.

Anyways, I also wanted to let you know, my residence on Long Island was impacted by Sandy and my father's estate in Canada (and Hongkong) is almost done but these are the primary two reasons why my return has been delayed.

I miss Caffe Vivaldi a lot!  The internet makes the world seem closer, but nothing beats in-person experiences.


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