Friends of Caffe Vivaldi: Chung Wong

Chung Wong 2

Music patron & technopreneur Chung Wong has been coming to Caffe Vivaldi since 2006-07 chronicling creative stories. He discovered Caffe Vivaldi through a guitarist sponsored by his mobile photo company. He's since created a GPS story atlas showing on any New York street where artists and innovators made history. It started with stories at Caffe Vivaldi. He previously grew a national download store with Universal Music and partnered with Al Gore's Live Earth to build a global photo community. In 2007, he participated in an experiment to find the meaning of music in photos, an idea seeded by the Grammy Awards. The experiment has continued over many years to visualize the arc of an Artist. A lot has been seen in 100,000 photos. Photo #1 was at Caffe Vivaldi. "This place is magic." 

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