"All About You" at the Island Practice music-and-book event in New York

Since Caffe Vivaldi is an all genre venue, one gets a rare opportunity to observe the relationship between musicians in a pop/rock group, a jazz ensemble or a classical music trio, to name a few.

While most musicians and groups on our roster have developed great understanding with other members and their performances are like seamless conversations among them, some other groups stand out for an added reason: complete ease and a sense of utter enjoyment while playing together. One such group is the The Equilibrium.  Here's a video from one such memorable event, described below:

"All About You" 

at the Island Practice music-and-book event

in New York City

Published on Jul 9, 2013

Part of an "Island Jazz" literary musical event with Pam Belluck, author of Island Practice www.islandpracticebook.com. December 16, 2012 at Caffe Vivaldi in Manhattan. Featuring music by members of Equilibrium (Brad Baker - sax, Elliot Honig - piano, Dan Silverstone - drums, Josh Rosenbaum - bass, Pam Belluck - flute). Literary conversation with Alicia Anstead, editor of The Writer magazine, and Pam Belluck. "All About You" by Pam Belluck

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