Brazilian Music Series on Tuesdays at Caffe Vivaldi

Curated by Irene Walsh It is with a lot of joy that I present the Brazilian Music Series at Caffe Vivaldi every other Tuesday. My vision is to create a home for both traditional and experimental Brazilian music as presented by the finest Brazilian musicians in NYC. I sing traditional "roots" samba at each show, and also present a different new group at each performance. I also film the shows to be shown on the YouTube channel for Split Rock Films. Here’s an excerpt:

At Caffe Vivaldi, I have presented renowned musicians such as:

  • Sergio Krakowski on pandeiro
  • Alfredo del Penho on vocals and 7-string guitar
  • Mariana Baltar on vocals
  • Josimar Carneiro on 7-string guitar
  • Gabriel Grossi on harmonica
  • Cesar Garabini on 7-string guitar
  • Rob Curto on accordion and piano
  • Zé Mauricio on percussion
  • Marcos de Castro on percussion
  • Vitor Gonçalves on accordion and piano
  • Eduardo Belo on upright bass
  • Vanderlei Pereira on percussion
  • Jason Ennis on 7-string guitar
  • Edgar de Almeida on guitar
  • Thiago Thiago de Melo on vocals
  • Renato Frazão on vocals and guitar
  • Thiago Amud on vocals and guitar
  • Luis Leite on guitar
  • Ivo Senra on keyboards
  • Kahil Nayton on cavaquinho
  • Tom Armstrong on percussion
  • ...and other musical guests.

Beyond the live Brazilian music series at Caffe Vivaldi, I am also producing and directing a documentary, LAPA: THE HEART OF SAMBA. It features some of the musicians mentioned above, including Sergio, Alfredo, Mariana, and Josimar. It chronicles a community of musicians and composers as their music resurrects a Rio de Janeiro neighborhood, and is told from my perspective as an American samba singer.

The trailer has already won awards and the composers and musicians in the film are among the best of the best coming out of Rio de Janeiro right now. We're looking to edit the footage that we have into a final cut for wide release. I have an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for LAPA: THE HEART OF SAMBA ( where you can pre-order the film and receive other perks as well, through April 27.

More information about my live shows and the documentary LAPA: The Heart of Samba is available at

And feel free to email me at or call me at 347-735-6722

Looking forward to meeting you on a Tuesday! Please go to Caffe Vivaldi’s Event’s calendar for the listings


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