Second Anniversary of Classical Sundays in Caffe Vivaldi!

Classical for All celebrates its second year in West Village’s Caffe Vivaldi; best known from the movies of Woody Allen and Al Pacino. For the last two years New Yorkers had the privilege of enjoying classical music concerts in a casual, and intimate atmosphere for only a suggested donation.

Internationally acclaimed pianist Emir GAMSIZOGLU, and his wife Ege Maltepe, who came to New York on a Fulbright scholarship to study acting under the guidance of Mike Nichols, named this concert series “Classical for All”. Last year they presented “Schubertiades” which is a European tradition going back to composer Franz Schubert and his friends’ casual classical music gatherings. "This season we have our Chatty Piano Recitals” says Maltepe who is working as an organizer. They recently published the impressive repertoire on their blog.

For Maltepe and her husband, the relaxed, accessible setting of a café offers an echo of European classical music scenes during the Romantic era. - NYPress ; Click to read more.

“Chatty Pianist” is GAMSIZOGLU’s nickname, referring to his chats about music, composers and his personal take on classical music. His concerts attract audiences of all ages and backgrounds to the friendly and casual ambiance  of Caffe Vivaldi. Audience members get to witness the performance of a virtuoso pianist only a few feet away from them, while sipping their favorite drink.

Famous NY blogger Tracy Kaler wrote "Every Sunday afternoon, this veteran pianist plays to a crowd at Caffe Vivaldi. Beyond tickling the ivories, he shares fun facts about the music he plays and the composers who created it. Not a classical music connoisseur? Trust me, you don't have to be. It's nearly impossible not to be captivated by the music, let alone his charm and passion. Plus, the performance is truly spectacular, and the level you'd hear in a concert hall for a fraction of the price”

A dream come true!

Established in 1983, Caffe Vivaldi is a New York classic in itself. In the old days, the owner Ishrat Ansari, a big time classical music fan, used to play recordings from his vast private collection. For hundreds of his customers, that was their first introduction to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and other masters of Western Classical music. Every evening, after having their first classical music experience at Vivaldi, customers would walk over to Tower Records to buy a copy of the recording. Along the years Ansari made several attempts to have  classical music in his cafe on a regular basis. Since 2014 with Emir GAMSIZOGLU’s performances, this became a reality. Caffe Vivaldi has become the only cafe in New York where you can listen to classical music every weekend; Sundays at 4pm.

Chatty Pianist at Caffe Vivaldi

April 3rd 4pm; Special 2nd Anniversary Party

Other than April 3rd, Concerts are held on every Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm


Snapshots from two years of Classical Music; cafe style! (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Ege Maltepe