Getting Us Your Music

1. Send your electronic press kit/bio to:

Please note: If you use Apple/Mac and are planning on sending MIME Files, you need to compress into .zip format for PC. MIME is only for Apple-to-Apple.


2. If you are mailing a CD or bio, send it to:

Ishrat Ansari
Caffe Vivaldi,
32 Jones Street
New York, NY 10014

3. Come to Vivaldi's Open Mic Night.

Every Monday, 6:30-11pm.
Sign up is at 6pm.
From 6:30-10pm a musician or a group gets to play 2 songs each.
From 10-11pm, it is 1 song per musician/group, to accommodate as many artists as possible.
It is usually a very crowded event. Please get there early.

If you are leaving a Bio or CD at the Open Mic, make sure it is marked: Attn: Ishrat Ansari

What Type of Music?

From classical and jazz to country, pop/rock, it is our belief that music is music. We have music every day and for the past 24 years we have opened our doors to all musicians.




When You Get A Gig At Vivaldi

We expect the following from you:

1. Pop/rock/country artists:
It must be your own original music. However, we would allow a cover or two.

2. Jazz and/or Classical musicians:
In addition to jazz standards or the music from world and classical repertoire, we encourage you to play your own music.

3. All Musicians Performing at Vivaldi:
We expect you to promote your gigs and not play at least two weeks in the New York area before your show at Vivaldi.
As a matter of policy, we want all artists to strictly follow our guidelines of not having any guest artists on their shows, unless agreed to in advance by us. When you get a gig at Vivaldi, it will be just you – the featured artist/s – and those accompanying you.


Promoting Your Show

In fairness to those artists who want to play at Vivaldi and promote their gigs, we will exclude all the artists from our roster who do not.

Listings: One of the best ways to promote your show is to submit listings to New York publications. Some of them are:

New York Times:
Village Voice:
The L Magazine:

You can find more by researching the internet.

Make sure your email for the listing is clear and includes the genre e.g. “Music Calendar Listing – Pop/Rock”

Use this template for the text:

Kristin Hoffmann @ Caffe Vivaldi, Saturday, July 1 @ 9PM

Caffe Vivaldi is at 32, Jones Street, off Bleecker Street, Near Seventh Ave.
No cover.
Nearest subway stops:
West 4th Street Station (Take the W3rd St. Exit) Trains:A,B,C,D,E,F,V
Christopher Street Station Trains: 1,9
More information on Kristin Hoffmann @

Then include one paragraph about the band and one press quote. This helps the listings editors write a short blurb along with the listing. It gives them something to use in a hurry.

Remember that the space in print publications is very limited. Usually, listings will get on to publications’ websites even if they do not make it into print.


Food and Drinks for the Artists

Performing artists enjoy a twenty percent discount on food and drinks.


Equipment and Sound System available at Vivaldi

Regarded by most musicians as having one of the finest natural acoustics, Caffe Vivaldi does not need extra amplified sound other than what is provided by our PA System.

Drum Kit: We do not have an in house drum set.

Some bands who bring drum sets, must keep in mind that Vivaldi is a small and very intimate room and cannot cater to the big booming sound of a very big drum set suitable for large halls. For the balanced sound that the audience can enjoy, the drummer must use brushes as much as possible in addition to drum sticks. We strongly discourage all musicians from bringing their own small amplifiers etc. They are not needed in this room.

PA and Sound System: We have a Yamaha MG16XU 16-channel mixer, speakers and microphones – SM58s and SM57s, mic stands, music stands, as well as several guitar amps. While you do not have to bring an amplifier, feel free to bring your favorite microphone.

Piano: Our venue features a stunning Yamaha C5 Grand Piano regularly maintained by Brooklyn's premier piano tuners, Orpheus Piano Co.


Money Matters

Vivaldi is a little different from other venues, because it is primarily a musician friendly club. We have been in business for 32 years under the same management and ownership.

Almost all musicians prefer the tip jar system because they make more money when the tip jar is passed around than they ever would with a cover etc. This works for the artists because we do not take any percentage or cut from the collection. All the money collected goes to the artists.


What We Expect from the Artists

We generally schedule just four gigs for an evening, instead of five or six like most other clubs. The idea is to let the artist/s have as much time as possible, without a rush to get them in and out.

We therefore expect artists to promote their shows as much as possible and their fans to make use of our full menu and our full bar as much as possible and keep our bartender, kitchen and wait staff happy.