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Vlada Brofman Release Event for "Innermost"

The concert presents Vlada Brofman's new album Innermost (Сокровенное). Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Vlada Brofman has spent the second part of her life in the US, mostly on the East coast. Fully fluent in English, Russian, and French, she appears equally at home in different musical traditions: jazz, bossa nova, French chanson, and the lyric-centered vision of singer-songwriters… Her primary training in acting has been complemented by jazz voice lessons; as a result, her dramatic performance endows each song with rich color and vocal subtlety. Each song is performed as a mini-play, a small drama for the initiates which presents the most stylistically appropriate arrangement and style for it. The concert will also include songs in English (originals, jazz) and French chanson.

In Innermost, Vlada digs deeply into her Russian heritage, bringing us some profound singer-songwriter songs along with poems by Russia’s exceptional Silver Age poets set to music by several composers. Alexander Alabin, a multi-talented pianist and guitarist from NY, wrote the arrangements and recorded many of the album’s tracks. Together with Andrey Matlin (bass, flute, keys), they create a limpid, intimate, and scintillating landscape, from which, through Vlada’s protean voice and performance, emerges a cast of lively and touching characters.

 "Innermost combines the warmth of home and the excitement (and sometimes even terror!) of adventure in a changing landscape. That change comes from the personas Vlada introduces in her songs: the aging actress; the maestro; the Devil in the shape of a beautiful woman. The lyrics are dynamic, and the skillful musical arrangement underscores the distinct personality of each song. But it is Vlada's own personality that truly allows these songs to shine: the persona of the storyteller, sometimes wise, sometimes mysterious; always with a hint of mischief and joy behind any dramatic turn of phrase or melody. Vlada's voice deftly carries the listener from one adventure to another all the while reminding him or her that each adventure is but a story to tell.”
--Mariya Deykute
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