Since our founding, we proudly serve locally sourced and produced ingredients mostly from centuries- and decades-old Italian-American establishments. These independent, local businesses have long been the heart and soul of Greenwich Village. We urge you to patronize them!

We are a slow food establishment, as almost everything is made from scratch. As such, expect to wait longer than usual for your meals. Since most of the items on our menu are prepared to be sold the same day, we usually run out of food by eleven p.m. However, after eleven p.m. you can still order our cheese plate or desserts to pair with your single malt, favorite cocktail, or glass of red.


The French-Italian roast we use to pull our espressos and coffee drinks and the loose leaf tea we serve by the pot come to us from the Porto Rico Importing Company, a hundred-and-ten year old Greenwich Village institution.


Prep time does take extra hours, but we prefer to make our own sauces and vinaigrettes from scratch, the old fashioned way. Pesto is made with basil leaves only – no stems – and organic pignoli nuts. Marinara from organic tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Our herbed champagne vinaigrette is so delicate that it has to be made right at the time of serving, not a minute before.


Raffetto’s on Houston Street has been making the fresh pasta on our menu in the back of their store every day for over a hundred years.


Fresh mozzarella comes from the world-famous Di Palo’s in Little Italy, established in 1910. Their mozzarella cheese, freshly made on the premises daily, is regarded by most critics as one of the finest in the world.
Our cheese plate selections and the parmigiano we grate on our pasta are from the famed Murray's Cheese on Bleecker Street.


The dense-yet-soft Tuscan focaccia we use for our panini, bread baskets and cheese plate is made daily at Parisi Bakery, a hundred-year-old Little Italy mainstay.


We buy our chicken from Ottomanelli & Sons, the famous gourmet butchers operating on Bleecker Street for almost seven decades.


We buy all our seafood from the Lobster Place, one of the finest seafood purveyors in the country, also located on Bleecker Street and in the Chelsea Food Market.


The unique blend of spices we add to our signature omelette and the garnishes for our more complex cocktails come from the Sullivan Street Tea & Spice Company.


Desserts are custom made for us – mostly from creations by the celebrated Italian executive pastry chef Salvatore Settepani at Pasticceria Bruno, from the Little Pie Company and from Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy (est. 1892).
We buy our gelato from the prolific Il Laboratorio del Gelato.


From our famous Irish coffee and brandy apple cider to single-malts and signature cocktails, we offer our patrons a full bar.